Our Slice - Healing Through Missions

Missions exist because worship doesn't. That's something I learned from John Piper as I was going through my first missions training in 2008. My first trip was to Mexico City for a whole month. Let me share with you that I was not prepared for what God was going to do. Through training, I discovered that my relationship with my father was broken. Growing up in a traditional Korean family, my relationship with my father was limited to quick dinners and Sunday church services. My father had always provided for us physically, but was not emotionally available. Every time we talked, we argued. It got to the point where we stopped speaking to each other to make life easier for the both of us. This was the typical Korean father-son relationship that I knew, so it was normal to me. Missions training allowed me to realize that the relationship that I had with my father was not normal and that it was broken. My heart broke. Everything that I knew in a father-son relationship was shattered. There was a lot of brokenness that was buried deep and it had finally surfaced. But it wasn’t until I learned that the relationship with my Heavenly Father was the relationship that I needed to seek that healing could begin. God provided healing, love and a comforting relationship that only He could provide. 

By going to Mexico City for missions, God planted the seed of missions in my heart. I now live missionally. I am committed to God by serving Him wherever, whenever and however He calls me, I obey. At the moment, He has called me to New York City to make it my missions field. I am tremendously blessed and, in faith, I look forward to the exciting journey ahead. 


Michael Kwon
March 19, 2016